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We are grateful for your patience with our migration to the new Partner Area. You will soon be all set to login and use your resources as usual. Just a few more things to do. Please read through all four steps below before sending in your request for a new password.

1. Reset your password

We have now moved your account from! For security reasons, we must now reset your password. Just fill in the e-mail address connected to your account with us and you will receive a new password shortly after. Then you are almost done!

2. Click on the verification link

It's necessary that you click on the verification link that you will receive after submitting the new password request. Only then we will be able to make the account migration.

3. Login

Upon receiving your new password, go ahead and login. Should you then encounter any issues, please contact our Helpdesk.

4. Change password (again)

The password you have received from us was temporary and we strongly recommend that you replace it with a new one that you choose yourself. Note, however, you do this after logging in with the temporary one!

Now you are ready, thank you for your patience and welcome you to our new website's customer portal!